Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 149 - Kabansk to border crossing, to south of Gusinoozersk - Mon 22 Jul

Day 149 - Kabansk to border crossing, to south of Gusinoozersk  - Mon 22 Jul
Quite a cool awakening in camper as we'd gone to sleep with window covers open because (1) the evening had been so hot, (2) front of "house" heats up when shower heater is on high, (3) replaced doona with cotton blanket  - can’t always get it right eh?? Made up by having Russian porridge – a nice hot breakfast. Saw pair of Hoopoe birds hopping along track - a double bonus day!!

Watered up at water station, before hitting road. Up to 10 bells in tower - "striking" feature of some of the Russian Orthodox churches. Passed healthy potato crops filling backyards, cows munching from waste bins. Stopped at police checkpoint demanding "document" (meaning temporary import paper), "document" (meaning passport), "document...document" until we ran out of things to show, then "open" (meaning open camper to look inside), and certainly "no smelling" or waving goodbye because it was serious work indeed....

On to Ulan-Ude where we stocked up at good Russian supermarket ready for North West Mongolia trek over next two weeks ( but bypassed alcohol seeing we have border crossing in morning!)

Met up with Guy and Cheryl, still no luck finding suitable auto workshop to have their broken piece of screwtop/hose removed and replaced. BoyRob having issues with front left tyre pressure, tried three service stations with air hoses so far today, including a coin operated one, but none have enough pressure (in fact letting air out!) Saw quaint old buses, but goats waiting inside one bus stop, and horses in the next (most accommodating transport system!)

Yummy lunch of fresh cooked salmon and cream cheese on sweet dough bread, prices here so reasonable. Do flashing lights from oncoming drivers mean same as in Australia? Yes indeed - police ahead!! Saw stupa “Llama of Russia” beside road. 

Day winding down, pulled into another favourite campsite, in the copse of trees at river confluence. GirlRob assisted to resettle and tie matting under top boxes, before trying the mini bottle of Chinggis Vodka (said she really only wanted it for the bottle....)

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